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This type of formula does not feature any Bronzing, Tingling or Cooling effects. They feature the most Skin Conditioning ingredients.  The best way to get your darkest tan is to use 3/4 oz of lotion before each tanning session. The Natural tanning lotion will assist your natural tanning process helping to develop your tan naturally. The “stage” is determined by the amount and variety of tanning ingredients.

The goal is to give a tanner the “Immediate Tanning Results” of a sunless tanning ingredient with the heat of the tanning bed before their tan has time to darken naturally. Bronzers should be put on evenly. Wash hands before and after applying lotion. The heat of the tanning bed helps the bronzers develop a natural looking fast tan.


These lotions contain the ingredient Methyl Nicotinate.

 Tanners feel like they have tanned outdoors. It stimulates a micro-circulation to increase oxygen supply to the skin. Usually a slight redness occurs allowing you to see and feel “instant results” after your tanning session.


Now a new popular effect in lotions, instead of a hot tingle, tanners can have a choice for a relaxing tanning session where the lotion creates a cooling effect along with ingredients to moisturize your skin and develop and maintain your tan.


Keeping your skin hydrated is essential to building and maintaining your tan. It is recommended that you moisturize at least twice a day, preferably after showering while your skin is still moist. Salon quality tan extenders are best. A popular tanning moisturizer is Fiesta Sun's Cherry Blossom.

If you haven't used a tingle or bronzer with DHA, there really is no reason to wait to shower after tanning, unless you wish to reap the benefits of the ingredients in your tanning lotion. Tanning is an internal process, not an external one, so you can't wash your tan away. If you have used a tingle lotion the water can reactivate the tingle, so wait at least a couple hours before showering. And, if you used a bronzer with DHA it needs at least 4 hours to react with your skin.

It's best to use a body wash to shower with. Body washes are more moisturizing and bar soaps tend to strip your skin of your skin's natural oils and moisture.

it is important to exfoliate your skin every 7-10 days in order to shed dead skin cells and keep your skin healthy.

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I just wanted to send a note to compliment you on your outstanding  indoor tanning salon business here in Whitby. I have been at many  indoor tanning salons through the years and yours is by far the best. The term best is reference to the “second to none” customer service and personal touch I receive on each visit. The pride you take in operating this business is seen through a spotless environment filled with different scenery. It's like having a different mini vacation each time your in a different room, excellent artistry. I would and have recommended your salon to my family, friends and anyone who enjoys tanning. Keep up the great work! 

-Judy C, Whitby 


I wanted to take some time to write to you to express how absolutely fabulous your tanning salon is. The cleanliness at your location is impeccable. I have been to other tanning salons and they do not compare to your status of business and service. I feel like the quality of service you portray is exceptional and all salons should be required to match your level of value. The rooms and beds are clean and safe and as a committed customer I feel comfortable and relaxed when tanning because of the welcoming and soothing atmosphere. Thank you for making my tanning experience so bright and sunny! 

Ashley - Whitby, On - Feb 2013


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