Looking for the perfect tan? You could always set up residence somewhere near a beach and spend day after day sunning yourself – or you could work up an indoor tan with half the hassle, in half the time. The solution is simple: use tanning beds.

Tanning beds are considered a revolutionary means of changing skin pigmentation. These are machines installed indoors that give off long wave ultraviolet light or UVA, which are stronger than the ordinary shortwave (or UVB) rays emitted by natural outdoor light. Choosing to get darker skin with the help of a tanning bed usually means getting your tan in a way that is faster and more convenient.

Many risks come with outdoor tanning – not the least of which is getting harassed on the beach. If you want to get an even tan all over your body, you'd want to forego every article of clothing, right? But a full-body outdoor tan just isn't for everyone, and at any place – if you don't have your own private beach, good luck finding a popular beachside area that will let you have your way!

Another problem is that it takes longer to get an even tan if you seek it outdoors. The sun's rays are diffused by the time they get through the atmosphere, to the earth's surface, so that it may take days on end to get just the right shade you want. Why wait? An indoor tanning bed will help you get an even tan in record time – and you don't have to deal with rude beachcombers. If you're the shy type who won't even dream of getting a tan the natural way, indoor tanning solutions exist for you.

Note, however, that there are certain considerable risks that come with using a tanning bed. UVA rays are much, much stronger than UVB rays, which means that your skin may become more sensitive to some known diseases – not the least of which is skin cancer. Prolonged exposure to UVA light may weaken the skin's natural defenses. Another major risk entailed in exposing oneself to UVA is contracting damage to the cornea – the transparent part of the eye that covers the pupil, the anterior chamber and the iris. Cornea damage may lead to cataracts which, if left untreated, could lead to blindness.

In fact, skin specialists advocate getting a natural outdoor tan, rather than using tanning beds. But careful, judicious use of the tanning bed – especially with the help of skin specialists who can monitor your skin's sensitivity – would cut the work time if you're out to get the tan of your dreams.

Article Source: Health Guidance https://www.healthguidance.org/

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I just wanted to send a note to compliment you on your outstanding  indoor tanning salon business here in Whitby. I have been at many  indoor tanning salons through the years and yours is by far the best. The term best is reference to the “second to none” customer service and personal touch I receive on each visit. The pride you take in operating this business is seen through a spotless environment filled with different scenery. It's like having a different mini vacation each time your in a different room, excellent artistry. I would and have recommended your salon to my family, friends and anyone who enjoys tanning. Keep up the great work! 

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I wanted to take some time to write to you to express how absolutely fabulous your tanning salon is. The cleanliness at your location is impeccable. I have been to other tanning salons and they do not compare to your status of business and service. I feel like the quality of service you portray is exceptional and all salons should be required to match your level of value. The rooms and beds are clean and safe and as a committed customer I feel comfortable and relaxed when tanning because of the welcoming and soothing atmosphere. Thank you for making my tanning experience so bright and sunny! 

Ashley - Whitby, On - Feb 2013


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